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Perhaps if you give the sound, the sweet melody and musical vibrations to the children, they will feel the joy and warmth from the rhythm of the music. Beautiful musical sensation is often associated with memories of unforgotten past that lies still in our subconscious mind. This awakes our being for a few seconds or minutes, bringing us to another life, in our present. It can be felt from deep inside, giving mixed emotions, like that of our heartbeat mixed with the chaos of life.

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About my buddy Mark

So I’m the youngest of 7 kids… yeah, there was always someone to play with or always some trouble going down in the house. Respect to my parents… but every child played an instrument and there was always someone practicing a clarinet, a piano or violin a something.  It’s a great atmosphere cause music enters your soul with out you even noticing it.  I’m thankful for that.
Aaah… life in the 60s and 70s.  Oops, did I give my age.
I played the trumpet in school for 7 years, but wasn’t really in love with music until my 20s.
Went to College in southern California and suddenly I was hanging out with all the musicians, singers, guitarists, drummers.
We had ‘just for fun’ bands and some more serious formations, but LA is real competitive.  Yet it was a great part of life then.
I love music… that’s where I’m at now.
Singing, performing, playing, writing and learning about recording, mixing and mastering. Along with my friend Joerg from Hamburg.


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